Why You Should Shop Small This Holiday Season Ellery

Why You Should Shop Small This Holiday Season

Why Shop Small:
As we all know this year has been HARD. Small businesses are really struggling. Nationwide 1 out of every 7 businesses have closed for good.
Big businesses like Amazon are very excited to have customers shopping with them they even started "Amazon Prime Day" Today and are already saying people should start their holiday shopping with them. 
When you shop small you are doing so much more than just buying an item. For example, when you shop with Ellery, you are supporting a woman-owned business. This shop is just me (and Dagwood) I do the ordering, the shipping, the buying, the marketing, the finances, the pop-ups. And I LOVE IT. You are allowing me to fulfill my dream of curating a shop filled with incredible pieces that are handmade and supporting 15(!) woman-owned businesses. 
Every. Single. Order.
Makes a difference and an impact. That is the beauty of shopping small.
There is a story behind it, it's not just a card and a piece of jewelry that you saw at a big box store. 
It's a card made by a brilliant artist in Canada that made you think of your friend while you out shopping in your neighborhood. Or you were exploring the city during a pop-up. It's a fair trade pair of earrings that are made by a talented artisan who is using the money she earned to contribute to her education and reinvest in her community. 
If you are in Columbus there are a TON of incredible places to shop from. Soaps, candles, beauty products, coffee, beer, jewelry, prints, I mean I could go on and on. 
My challenge to you this holiday season is to buy 3 items from small businesses, I'm taking on the challenge as well. 
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