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About Me



Ellery started after a trip to New York with a professor who first introduced me to the world of Fair Trade fashion. It has always been and dream of mine to open my own store and with the adage of “If not now, when?” I took the leap. I have always been inspired by my Grandmothers ways of practicing sustainability and her love for the items she wore and how they meant something to her and were something she has kept for 30 plus years.


I am passionate about working with women artisans and creating a platform for there story to become part of yours. I truly believe that we are more than consumers and that we are community. By working with and supporting one another we keep the world going and get to share each other’s stories and lift one another up and there is nothing better than that,


Here you will find a curated collection of items made by women artisans, locally, abroad and across the country. All are made ensuring that the artisan has been paid fairly for the incredible work that they do.