Why I Love Conscious Fashion Ellery

Why I Love Conscious Fashion

Conscious fashion is the future.

I didn't start Ellery to make a lot of money or because conscious consumerism is becoming trendy. I started it because these were the values I grew up on and I wanted to share it with the world.

Cherish what you have, there is beauty and art in handmade, treat people with respect and kindness, your actions speak louder than words.

These are values I learned as a kid and continue to re-learn through the years.

Cherishing what you already have is a large part of conscious fashion because it allows you to truly see what you already own and to consider all the ways to wear it and take care of it. By doing this you take care if the items that you own so that they last longer. The piece is also something that brings you joy and that you love wearing. It doesn't get tossed aside and forgotten and you end up getting rid of a pile of jewelry or clothing that you don't have space for anymore. 

Items that are handmade are intrinsically beautiful to me. To know that a person has the skill, the talent and the time to create a piece of jewelry and clothing fills me with awe. So much of what we carry at Ellery is wearable art. To look at something and know that a person created it makes it feel so much more special to wear. 

Treating people with respect and kindness should be a given in business and the fashion world but unfortunately it is not. By shopping consciously and paying attention to the materials used, the way it was made, and making sure that the companies you are buying from provide a safe work environment and a living wage and a large part of conscious fashion. People who make the fabric and work in the factories deserve respect and kindness as much as the people that design the clothes, because without the people making the garments and jewelry we would not be able to wear them. 

Your actions speak louder than your words. We can all talk about conscious fashion all day but unless we vote with or dollar and change our shopping habbits nothing will change. By shopping consciously we can change the way that big brands source, the material they use, and the way that they treat their employees. 

I love supporting other women-owned businesses and love creating an online shop full of curated pieces. Where you can browse from the comfort of your couch on your laptop, and I'm so excited for warmer weather and to safely show you all these pieces at shows and markets.

I am SO EXCITED that conscious fashion is the future. I look forward to the day that we can drop the "conscious" and just call it fashion because it's a given that people and the planet are being treated with the respect that they deserve.

This whole outfit is all of my favorite things. Messy bun, tan leather bag, long necklace, smiley face ring, thrift flowy shirt.

Conscious fashion can bring joy.

Head over to shopellery.com to see all the incredible handmade pieces we have in the shop and see which ones bring you a little joy.


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