When You Find Your Stlye Ellery

When You Find Your Stlye

Meet Jane Ellery (Ellare).

She is the inspiration for this little shop. She is the strongest, most creative woman, and the most stylish woman I know.

I visited with her on Wednesday this week and she was telling me about all the compliments she received on her outfits.

She recently moved into a retirement home and is meeting all new people (so brave).

To know my Grandmother is to know that she has been dressing in monochromatic pastel outfits for easily the last 30 years (she is way ahead of the fashions). And she also has accessories to match.

She has been wearing white keds for many many years and the majority of her clothes she has made herself.

She is the inspiration for this shop because she loves fashion and represents the resourcefulness of that world. The creative side of finding your unique style, of cherishing your accessories, and how one necklace can spark a moment of joy for yourself and others.

She told me that she got this new butterfly necklace and that she has had at least 5 people stop to tell her how amazing it is. They keep asking her if it's vintage.

She showed me and it's a beautiful butterfly pendant that has all different colored pastel beads that go with all her clothes.....

She got a smirk on her face and said "wanna know where I got it?"

I said definitely,

"It was $7 at hobby lobby".

My grandmother has such style that she can make a $7 hobby lobby necklace that looks like a vintage piece from the ‘60s.

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