Vendor Spotlight- World Peaces Ellery

Vendor Spotlight- World Peaces

A lot of people ask me where I source all the pieces that I source. I consider myself pretty lucky in that I have close ties to one of our Vendors, World Peaces. 

World Peaces is a Fair Trade business that is owned by Connie DeJong.World Peaces is a Fair Trade company committed to creating a more peaceful world through ethical trading partnerships with artisans from around the world. They market sustainable handcrafted jewelry, accessories and home goods from Africa to the Americas. 

World Peaces believes that we all deserve to be happy, healthy and to increase our contributions to betterness. We believe that peace is something we create together.

 I got to know Connie when she was my professor at Ohio State. Connie is who first taught me about Fair Trade and my ideas of a career in fashion were forever changed. 

Connie spends a majority of her year in Ghana working directly with artisan groups and working with them to develop products to take to market. They have developed beautiful horn bangles, brass cuffs and beautiful Neem wooden bangles. 

World Peaces has also been working with artisans in Lesotho which is a small landlocked country that is in South Africa. The artisan group in Lesotho has created some incredibly beautiful and unique earrings that mix metal and wood for a beautiful look. We are also excited to share with you a new necklace collection that are inspired by these earrings! 

This collection is a collaboration with Ellery and World Peaces and we cannot wait for you to see them! They will be debuting for spring 2020! 

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We love working with Emily and Ellery! Keep coming back for new designs and more stories about our travels, workshops and artisan growth!

Connie De Jong

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