The Quickest Way To Become a Minimalist Ellery

The Quickest Way To Become a Minimalist

There are so many tips and tricks out in the world about minimalism and how to become one, and how to incorporate it into one's life. 

You can keep only what brings you joy, you can organize and buy containers, you can stop buying things for a month. 

But I think one of the easiest and most sustainble ways to become a minimalist is to invest in quality pieces. 

In 2015 I worked for a very popular retail shop that sells leather handbags. I loved talking about these bags ( All bags in general). Customers would come into the store and share about their bag and how well it held up.

They would share that they haven't even had to purchase another bag because the one they had was still in good shape and was the only bag they needed. 


This is what happens when you buy quality over less expensivly made pieces. If you have spent tons of $$$ on handbags that break, the pleather tears and flakes off, were once trendy. This will help you minimize your handbags taking up space in your closet. 


A good leather bag will hold up for years, with a little TLC. They are timeless and always in style. The surdy material, the extra stiching are all parts that equal a long lasting bag. 


Here are two of my favorites in the shop. 


brown leather tote bag The Outside Pockets Handbag ($164) is my absolute favorite style of bag. 

Hand cut, hand assembled, & hand stitched in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia providing fair wages for our highly skilled artisans with a positive work environment. This bag was made with heart and skill and it shows in the quality of this handbag. 


Two large pockets on the outside are perfect for keys, phone, mask and sunglasses. When I carry a bigger bag having an outside pocket is a must for me. The number one thing I look for in a bag is functionality and this bag definitely has it. This bag is also big enough to thrown in a laptop, and water bottle and wallet so it's perfect for a day to day bag or perfect for travel with a jean jacket and book. 

This bag is a style and shape that is always on trend and the warm caramel color is the perfect neutral to work with so many options in your closest. 


Brown leather bag


My second pick in the shop is the Black Leather Crossbody ($138) 


Black leather corssbody bag

Handcrafted in Chiapas, Mexico helping to create employment for talented leather workers who are paid a fair wage & work at a small employee-owned workshop.

This bag is perfect if you are looking for something small and more "on-the-go". The adjustable strap is perfect for customizing the length for each person and the zipper top makes sure all your essentials stay inside. 

I love having one brown leather bag and one black leather bag so that I can change up bags for different outfits and get some different options! 

This bag is perfect for hands free adventure and is a perfect size for all that you need everyday! 

girl holding a black leather bag

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