This summer I am hitting the road and heading across the country to visit the West. 


I cannot wait to see Yellowstone, the Gran Tetons, Arches and Garden of the Gods. 

Soaking up the grand vistas of mountains and plains, seeing Bison and, well, hopefully not seeing a bear anywhere close to me. I can't wait to see some new sights and have a big adventure. 

I am so excited that I have already started planning on what I am going to pack and take with me and here is what I must have on my trip! 

 Rose Stamped Necklace- While exploring a new town and grabbing drinks after a day spent outside I love adding a necklace to my outfit to make me feel a little more "pulled together". This gold necklace is perfect for light packing because it literally goes with any outfit! 



Hat- I know I keep saying it but I am obsessed with hats this year so I would be remiss to head out west with an epic hat. 

I really love keeping the sun off my face and adding a little style to a pretty simple outfit with a good hat. 

ALSO, love hats for hiding some sweaty and windswept road trip and hiking hair. 

This one in the shop is named the Grand Teton Hat which is perfect for our trip! 



Perfume- Honestly I cannot decide between the 2 of these which one I like more but a good perfume is definitely a must on a road trip. 

Traveling can lead to musky clothes and you never know when you want it to double as "car spray" once the fast food smell lingers in the car. 

I also love that scents are linked to memories and love that smelling perfume can remind you of an amazing time with family, friends, and amazing views! 



Bandana-Can you even go out west without a bandana? I wouldn't want to! 

These things are AMAZING! Need to wipe your brown from sweat? Grab your bandana 

Need to keep your hair out of your face with the windows down in the car? Grab your bandana 

Need to keep the sun off your chest while hiking? grab your bandana



Rose Mint Skin Tonic- By testing out products for the shop I have now completely changed over my whole skincare routine over to LUA skincare products and there is no way I can go on a trip out west without this rose and mint skin tonic. 

I always feel like such a salesperson talking about this but after spending time outside in the sun NOTHING feels better on my face than this. The softness of the rose and the freshness of the mint and then you add in the moisturizing of the aloe and you have the absolute best treatment for your skin. 

I like to spray this onto my face and then use a cotton ball and clean my face, kind of like a toner. 

I love this little spray and I love that it is really light and not sticky because I don't like having stuff on my face in the summer. 



Notebooks- In high school, my teacher who was a chaperone for a trip for a few of us to go England and Scotland got our journals for our trip and I really loved that. It's nice to jot down notes on places that you went, notes on funny things that happened. This year I want to write down notes and observations and stories from our trip and print out pictures to put in these journals so I have a little trip scrapbook. 



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