Favorite Perfumes and Why I Love Them 

As a little kid, my sister and I would spend a lot of time at my Grandparent's house. When we were there we would play with the vintage toys and puzzles that my grandmother had saved from when my dad was a kid. 


jewelry, perfume and mirror on vanity

But what I loved playing with most was her collection of old perfume bottles that she had throughout the years and I loved that they looked so fancy and seemed so special in the glass bottles with fancy lids, shapes, and designs. There was something about the bottles and scents that felt so special to me that I fell in love with. 

Growing up I was obsessed with the world of fashion. After getting my first copy of Teen Vogue in 7th I immediately fell in love with looking at the clothes, perfumes, and photos in those magazines. 

As a young girl though in Ohio, I was pretty shy and my life couldn’t have felt farther from that glossy world.

But one thing that did feel attainable and luxurious was the perfumes. Not only could you try on the perfume right there in the magazine, but it was something about the scents that made me feel glamorous and special. The pretty little bottles that could sweep you up and transport you to a new world.  

Growing up in the 2000s there were perfumes everywhere. There was Abercrombie and Victoria's Secret that both had such specific scents tied to them. There were celebrity perfumes everywhere, from Paris Hilton to Beyonce to Hilary Duff all of our favorite people to watch had scents.

The summer before my Freshman year of high school I finally got my first real bottle of perfume for my 14th birthday.  


I can still remember that scent and bottle like it’s sitting with me now. It was Vera Wang’s Princess. It was a heavy heart-shaped glass bottle and it was a soft light purple and the cap was a little gold crown. 

I kept up with my obsession with perfumes through high school, the beauty of an after-school job and no bills meant that there was a fair amount of disposable money. Through college, I used up the last of what I had and fell a little out of love with designer perfumes when I learned about the chemicals in them. They lost a bit of their glamor and with their price tag being so steep they became more out of reach. 

But as time has gone on I missed the ritual of using perfume.

 I missed giving a spritz into the air and walking through the mist, getting swept up in the scent. I missed the lingering scent on clothes and scarves. 

I  missed instantly feeling glamorous and beautiful by just the simplest action. 

Maybe my love for perfume is because I love special things and a beautiful scent in a beautiful glass bottle feels like a treasure. 

Maybe it’s because It’s a calming practice that involves a deep inhale and then rewards with an amazing smell. 

Maybe because a certain scent can immediately transport you to a memory and a time and place. 

Maybe it’s all of it. 

But I was on a search for a perfume that wasn’t harmful. That wouldn’t break the bank. And that would also be a quality perfume that felt just as special as the ones I fell in love with as a kid. 


glass bottles of all natural perfume


That’s when I found Bohemian Reves. Bohemian Reves is a woman-owned company from  St. Petersburg, Florida. 

“ Bohemian Reves creates dreamy, small-batch skincare and hand-poured botanical candles. User-friendly, vegan, and organic - Bohem focuses on formulating plant-based skin love for the everyday bohemian. Their patchouli + Vanilla texturizing mist and desert fleur botanical perfume have quickly become a cult favorite with Saint Petersburg locals and continue to gain popularity from coast to coast. 

I immediately fell in love with these scents. Not only are they from a women-owned company, but they are free from synthetic and artificial fragrances full of endocrine disruptors.

The perfumes are strong rich scents that last all day and they look beautiful in the geometric glass bottle. I love that they are also under $75 which makes them attainable for my lifestyle. 

These perfumes have brought back a little joy to getting ready for me. 

The scents that we have in the shop right now are 


Meadow glass bottle of all natural perfume

Meadow-An all-natural botanical perfume hand-crafted lovingly from the finest plumeria extractions with notes of exotic orchid, rich jasmine, peachy bergamot, and heady vanilla.


Desert Fleur all natural perfume

Desert Fleur-. An intoxicating blend of patchouli and natural vanilla Antilles

Which one are you dying to try?

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