Introducing the Ellery Collection Ellery

Introducing the Ellery Collection

Ellery was created to give voice and space for artisans from around the world. For women, for men, we are here to support all communities. We are a platform for people to share their stories through their skills and their art. 

I am so excited to share this with you!


In December I teamed up with World Peaces to design my own necklaces for Ellery. 

And this month we are introducing them to you! We designed a collection of necklaces that represent the bonds of sisterhood and the strength of a community. These necklaces were made by Sobo, an artist in Lesotho.

It was an incredible process to draw the designs and see how Sobo takes the design on paper to a necklace that is wearable. 

The pieces in the Ellery Collection all directly support organizations that we, as a company, care deeply about.

$5 from every sale of pieces in this collection will be donated at the end of the month. 

 The past organizations that we have supported are The Clintonville Resource Center, CHOICES, The Minnesota Freedom Fund, The Columbus Freedom Fund. 


Our organization for the month for June is Campaign Zero. 


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