While out thrifting the other day I found an I Spy book. 

Do you remember those from when you were a kid? My sister, dad, and I would meticulously go through all that we had to find and I remember just loving looking at all the different things on the page completely captivated. 

Page from the book I SPY


And not just captivated by looking for what was hidden but by the images themselves full of tiny and fun things. Just thinking about looking at those images makes my brain feel good if that makes any sense. It’s like my eyes crave to look at busy and beautiful images. 

I think that being so into these books became how I first started to love retail, as I grew up and moved away from these books I came obsessed with Anthropologie store windows. I loved that it was so creative and the closer you looked you could see so many more details. 

After getting Dagwood and walking him on the Olentangy Trail I became obsessed with looking at the wetlands and taking in all the details of nature and noticing all the wildflowers, Blue Heron, Egrets, and deer. Every time I spot one it brings me joy, just like finding the items in the I Spy books. 

Silver Christmas tree and I spy page

It’s also what I love about thrifting, you just walk through an aisle and something will catch your eye and bring you a little joy and excitement. 

It happens to all of us and it’s my absolute favorite thing when I see people walk past my booth and something has drawn them in. 

coasters and candles

It’s my goal and mission for Ellery to be a place where you can look around and find something that brings you joy when you spot it. 

Whether it’s a handbag, cute coasters, or a bottle of perfume. I want you to walk past our booth at a market or scroll online and find something that makes you like you found something special. 


Gold jewelry earrings, necklace and bracelet

So this holiday season we are focusing on things that bring us joy, no matter how big or small. After all, it’s always about being surprised at the details of something that makes it so exciting, the deer in the woods, the hidden object on a dresser in a book, or finding a beautiful scarf in a store window display. 

Vintage silver tree with presents underneath

Joy is often a word used a lot during the holidays but it’s one of the core principles in our shop, so this holiday season and always, fill your life with things that bring you joy.

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