How To Style Leggings with Ethical Accessories Ellery

How To Style Leggings with Ethical Accessories

How to style leggings with Ethical Accessories:

Now that we are all spending more time in leggings here are some great outfits to create with leggings that make them look more pulled together than comfy clothes.

  1. Leggings, Favorite Worn-in T-shirt, Jean Jacket: Pair With Hoop Earrings

Such a comfy laid back look. The accessories and jean jacket make it look more finished but you are rocking the most comfortable outfit. 

  1. Leggings, Tank top, Big sweater: Pair with Big Statement earrings

This look is made for zoom meetings. The big earrings and sweater are just masking that you are essentially in pj’s. 

  1. Leggings, Black V-neck: Pair with a Big Cuff and simple stud earrings

 The New York take on loungewear, wear on days when you feel stuck in a rut and want a little bit of that Big City energy. 

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