Finding inspiration can be a hard thing to do. 

For me it's especially hard in the winter months, when the weather is cold and the sun is in hiding here in Ohio. 


I can find inspiration in many ways, most are unexpected but one way that I can almost always count on is from a good walk in nature. 


Whether in the city on the bike trail, or at a metro or state park, a walk with my dog is always  great for clearing my head and making me get off my phone and look at all the beauty around me. 


A good walk is my absolute favorite thing in the world. It can calm me down when I’m stressed, it’s my favorite form of exercise and a huge source of inspiration.

A sunny sky, a good podcast, and some fun nature sightings allow my mind to slow down and relax. It allows for space and an openness to new ideas and thoughts. If I’m feeling stuck about something for the shop or feeling blah about things, after an hour walk with Dagwood I can almost always think of a solution, or at least stop worrying about not having a solution just yet. 


How do you stay inspired? 

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