Galentine's Day Party Planning Ellery

Galentine's Day Party Planning

A night at home with your besties is always fun. As we get older it's hard to always find time to get together but for Galentine's day it's the perfect time for making time for friends. 


Galentines day party


The key to an easy and fun Galentine's day party is glam glassware, pops of color, a good playlist and easy food! 


Here are some of my favorite picks to make your get together 


1) These Glam Goblets- These have a thin line etched in them giving them a cute and dainty detail and texture that make them stand out from other glasses.


Glam Glassware


2) These Cute Cake Plates are festive and fun . The bubble rim on these plates are too cute and add a fun texture 

 glass cake plates

These glass plates are PERFECT for special occasions, especially when used as a dessert plate for cake! 


3) The perfect fun playlist is also the best for any party! 

Fun throwbacks and classic love songs are the best to listen too while chatting with their besties. 

Party Playlist


4) Another fun set of glasses if you are looking for something for just a date night! Pop in a favorite movie, cook a meal just for two and enjoy your evening! 







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