Black Lives Matter Ellery

Black Lives Matter

It's been a hard day, it's been a hard week, a hard couple of months and a hard couple hundred years.
Quarantine has made me sit in a lot of uncomfortable issues. I've sat with feeling lost, feeling scared, worry, inequality in healthcare. I've sat with food insecurity and now I've been sitting with police violence and injustices.
I've been doing a lot of sitting, learning and listening, and today I decided
To take a stand.

Today I stood with citizens of Columbus to have our voices heard in a peaceful protest.
I have a lot more to learn, hear, and experience and will continue to educate myself and have hard conversations.
I am here to support justice.

Today would have been Breonna Taylors 27th birthday. Her story needs to continue to be shared. She was an EMT in Louisville. On March 13th,  She died in her apartment after being shot 8 times by the police. There have been no arrests made in her case


She deserves justice. 


Her story matters.


Black Lives Matter.

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