April Non-Profit: CHOICES for Victims of Domestic Violence Ellery

April Non-Profit: CHOICES for Victims of Domestic Violence

The last 4 weeks have brought up so many emotions for all of us. There have been so many changes and struggles that we are now learning to overcome. 

One large public health crisis that has grown during the Coronavirus epidemic is that domestic violence has been on the rise. As people shelter in place, the stress of family, sickness, and job loss has given a rise in domestic violence. The uncertainty of the times creates more stress and the victims are now even more isolated from friends, family and resources.


Hotlines around the world who help victims have been busier as people are now stuck at home with their abusers. One-third of all women in Ohio will be a victim of physical violence, stalking or rape in their lifetime. The stark reality is that every day in Ohio women are abused. Every day Ohio’s domestic violence programs serve an average of 2,000 women and children. 

Ellery will be donating 10% of sales to CHOICES for Victims of Domestic Violence. CHOICES helps women in Franklin country find ways to get help in their situations. Domestic violence is a serious problem and one that is very close to my heart. 

We are a women-owned business, supporting women artisans, and we are supporting women in abusive situations. 

We are more than consumers, we are a community.



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