A Gift Economy is a Beautiful Way To Live Ellery

A Gift Economy is a Beautiful Way To Live

"The relationship between the producer and consumer changes everything"
I have been reading Braiding Sweetgrass and completely fell in love with the way Robin Wall Kimmerer describes a gift and gift giving. Although she is talking about Nature I couldn't help but think about this in terms of retail. (I mean, we should always learn our lessons from nature.)
She says a "gift creates an ongoing relationship, I will write a thank you note, I will take good care of it"
I think this is what shopping at small businesses is like.
We buy a gift for others or ourselves at a shop that an individual created and curated and they are excited to share this shop with you, and you are excited by the pieces in tbe shop. There is something special about taking the time to browse and slow down, to enjoy the work someone has put into a shop. And it's an incredible feeling as a shop owner to have someone make a purchase.
Ceverytime you see me at a show and tell me that you love what you bought or I see someone wearing a piece from Ellery it brings so much joy. Whenever you message me it creates a bond and a feeling of community.
I love the idea of a gift economy, I think it's a beautiful way to look at how we live and interact in a consumer world 🌎
Like I always say, we are more than consumers, we are community.❤
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