3 Easy Ways to Create an Ethical Wardrobe Ellery

3 Easy Ways to Create an Ethical Wardrobe

Have you always wanted to create an ethical wardrobe? Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about re-creating your entire wardrobe. There are so many different brands to look into, and they don’t all carry the basics. It can also be hard to do because you will be spending a little bit more money upfront than you might be used to spending on clothing. 


Here are 3 easy ways to help get you started on your ethical fashion journey!

  1.  Winter jacket- If you live in colder climates or travel a lot, this is a great piece to invest in. Pick a jacket that fits your style and purchase from an ethical brand. A good Winter coat will be with you for years and is a piece that you know you will need and wear. 
  2. A Fair Trade Handbag- This is also a great place to start because it is something that you will use every day. A quality handbag is a staple piece to have and a handcrafted one will last for years. This is also a piece where you can choose the style that will work best for you. Do you like to use one bag for everything? Then investing in a nice tote bag might be the best option for you. Are you more on-the-go, and like to keep things simple? A great cross-body might be the best option for you! Did you just start a new professional job? A great work bag might be the best piece for you! 
  3. Slow Fashion Jewelry- As you work on building up a wardrobe or are trying a capsule wardrobe, investing in some Fair Trade and ethically made jewelry can be a great option to add variety into your looks. A classic gold bangle, silver hoops, a great pair of studs and a big pair of fun statement earrings, and a classic little necklace are great pieces that work for so many outfits. These pieces will help you change up looks without having to buy new clothes as often!
What are some ways you will be incorporating ethical pieces into your wardrobe?
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