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Goldenrod Gift Box- SUMMER 2022 Launching JULY 15th Ellery
Goldenrod Gift Box- SUMMER 2022 Launching JULY 15th Ellery
Goldenrod Gift Box- SUMMER 2022 Launching JULY 15th Ellery

Goldenrod Gift Box- SUMMER 2022 Launching JULY 15th

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The Goldenrod Gift Box is a mini collection of a few of our favorite things. Throughout the year we will find some of our favorite things and send them to you in a curated gift box that will be sent out seasonally.  For the months of January, April, July, October you will receive our favorite things inspired by the season. Each box will contain pieces from local companies, women-owned businesses, and handcrafted items. 


 Why Call it the Goldenrod Gift Box? 

Have you ever come across a field full of Goldenrod at the end of August? It's such a bright, colorful sight. The beautiful yellow fields bring me so much joy and I hope that this gift box brings you joy. I would love to send you pieces each month in a curated box that bring joy and are a bright spot to look forward to that shows up at your doorstep. 


The Details: 

You can purchase this gift box 1 at a time and will be charged $40.  If you are local to Columbus, this is the option to get FREE LOCAL DELIVERY or you can have it shipped. You can purchase at any time as long as supplies last.

 If you purchase it as a subscription, you will be billed every 3 months (4 times a year) and receive 4 seasonal boxes. You are also free to cancel at any time. You will be charged each month ( Shipping + $40 for box)

The boxes will be shipped out on the 15th of the month at the start of each season. 


How much is the box? The box is $40 + Shipping + taxes. 

When will it ship? The boxes will ship on the 15th of the first month of the season if you sign up for the subscription option. If you sign up for the 1 at a time or just purchase 1 box it will go out in 1-2 days for shipment, or 1-2 days for local delivery if your address qualifies. 

Can I use FREE Local delivery? Yes, if you live within 10 miles of 43201 you can have your box delivered and you choose the 1 at a time option. 

Can I cancel my subscription? Yes, you are able to cancel your subscription at any time. 

 2022 Summer Edition of the Goldenrod gift box:

Summer is here and in full swing. Summer is forever my favorite season, but this summer has been a lot so far. With all of the hard things happening in the news and being super busy and moving to a new place.  I’m feeling a little worn out, and this hot hot weather we have been having has felt oppressive. 

 But as I sit here, and type this to you, I’m sitting on my new patio in the sun with Dagwood by my side at my new apartment slowly settling into a new place, a new routine, between the warm sun and the cool breeze it feels magical. 

 I love to take a morning walk in nature every morning and I’ve been craving seeing that morning light in the trees during this stressful summer. Golden hour has been soothing and something easy that has brought me joy every day. The golden hour is the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset and when you start to notice it everything looks like it glows. I like calling it nature's Instagram filter. 

 When the World or my life ( or both) feel off-balance I know that I need to take a walk outside in the sun. I was listening to a podcast that was interviewing Andrew Huberman, a professor of neurobiology at Standford,  and he was talking about how when you walk your eyes naturally move side to side and that this movement, also combined with walking forward is naturally calming to the body. It’s a movement that they re-create in EMDR therapy. 

 He was also talking about how getting outside in the natural light in the morning and night helps regulate your body's circadian rhythm and helps regulate the body. I didn't know any of these factors about walking in the sunshine but I did know that a long walk with Dagwood always left me feeling better.

 Walking during golden hour always feels like being in a movie and it’s got big Main Character energy. This edition of the Goldenrod Gift box is inspired by that feeling that we can all access when we need a little calm and a little balance in our lives. So here are my picks for the Summer Edition of the Goldenrod Gift Box inspired by Golden Hour. 

 Golden Hour Playlist- A good walk becomes a great walk with the right playlist. Soak up all those golden hour vibes and channel your main character energy. I love listening to music based on my mood and my mood. To me, golden hour is a little magical, happy, easygoing, and ethereal. So enjoy this playlist on your golden hour strolls and soak up the beauty of the soundtrack to your evening. Look at the back of your framed print and you will find a little QR code t scan to take you to our Golden Hour Gatherings Playlist.

 Cheery Ring- This ring brings me so much joy to look at. The little smiling face is as warming as the way sunshine feels on your shoulders. A little golden ring is a perfect thing to wear when you want to channel golden hour energy. 

 Tiny Flower Hoops- Right now on the Olentangy Trail there is a lot of Queen Anne’s Lace in bloom and the little beaded flowers on these earrings remind me of the plant. The little blooms that come together to make a big impact.

 Ocala Bandana-  This bandana with the two tones of pink reminds me of the way the sun creates shows in the leaves of trees during golden hour. Everything looks outlined in light and shadows and this peachy pink is also reminiscent of the sunrise and sunsets. Wear this on your walks to keep your hair out of your face or around your neck for a little sun protection. 

 Desert Print- I took this photo at Arches National Park this year when I went with my mom and sister. The first time I went to Arches solo with my dog Dagwood. I went at 6 am in October and was driving through the park as the sun came up and it was the most magical and mystical moment of my life. Watching the colors of the sky and the desert come to life in that beautiful morning glow was incredible and I don’t know that words or pictures can do it justice. But this photo does capture the magic of golden hour and I like having it in my house to remind me that as hard as times can be, the world can also be an incredibly beautiful place.