Why I Wanted to GATHER Intentionally- How it led to my new business venture Ellery

Why I Wanted to GATHER Intentionally- How it led to my new business venture

GATHER x ELLERY is a new collection that I've been working on since May.
In May I hosted a Vax Girl Summer party to celebrate being safely able to be with all my friends, reaching (what seemed like) a turning point in the pandemic, and celebrating all the things that we had achieved and accomplished in the last year. New jobs, new partners, new pets, babies, new hobbies.
Planning this party made me inspired to Gather in a way that was more intentional than just a regular hangout. The intention made me want it to feel a little special, I made a playlist, I bought new dishes, and silverware and I hung up lights in my mom's backyard.
I realized that once you already have the dishes and table settings this can easily be recreated again and again without much planning. You can create more intentional Gatherings all the time.
I think the hardest part is that it's hard to decide what you should buy, and figuring out what your "style" is. People are used to getting nice plates when they register for their wedding and are setting up a house.
But what about all of us that are waiting to get married and are living alone in our apartments that we are curating for the first time post-college and post roommates.
This all got me thinking about creating GATHER x Ellery.
I want nice/ special dishes but don't want to commit to 20 pieces set or 1 solid color. I want a few special things that I can bring out and share with my friends and guests that I have over that feel special and make me focus on the intention of Gathering.
So I have been thrifting and combining pieces and inspiration on how to use them for the last couple of months and this past week I launched them on https://www.shopellery.com/collections/gather-by-ellery
If you are interested take a peak, and host some amazing Gatherings with your people. If this past year taught us anything it's that we should never take gathering for granted.
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