Why I don't Want My Business to Be Like Amazon Ellery

Why I don't Want My Business to Be Like Amazon

I love eavesdropping. I love hearing snippets of what others do for a living, their problems, things that bring them joy.

Today I was sitting at a coffee shop and couldn't help but listen to 3 men next to me having a business meeting.

As they were talking they were talking about e-commerce, optimization, shipping models, inventory ramifications, different models that they benefit and they continually mentioned amazon, no joke, about 100 times, and how their businesses were working with amazon to expedite shipping processes.

These words are all things I think about for Ellery but the way I think about them is so different.

Of course, I think about e-commerce, I own an online business and I want to optimize my website. But I want my website to convey the experience and feel of what shopping at a pop-up is like.

I think about shipping and try to expedite it as fast as I can because I personally love getting mail and I offer free local delivery because I know that paying for shipping can add up.

I think about inventory ramifications in that I store all of it in my 450 sq ft apartment and have a tiny car so everything for shows has to be able to fit in my Yaris.

I think about different models in that what products work best for online sales vs pop-ups and what new things to add to the shop that you all will love.

But one thing I never think about is Amazon.

Sorry guys, but I want Ellery to have NOTHING in common with Amazon.

Hey, I get what they are doing and I am not someone who doesn't order from them but I don't want to scale Ellery up to anywhere near that level.

I LOVE knowing all of you and I LOVE personally being in different neighborhoods and cities meeting new people. I love finding things for the shop knowing that you will love them.

I know I say it all the time but,

We are more than consumers, we are a community

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