At our first pop-up of the year I met this amazing woman.

She was shopping at the North Market and was sharing that she loved shopping locally. 

She said that during the pandemic she had a big realization about the importance of shopping local. Even if it cost her a little bit more she realized the impact that it had and how happy small businesses were to get the orders and know that they could keep their businesses open. 

In this small interaction we had, she reflected back to me what Ellery’s values are. 

I think that supporting small businesses is so important, especially those that are women-owned. 

No shade at Target at shopping, I do it too, it’s hard to resist. Or shopping from bigger stores, but I think that buying from small businesses feels good and so special. 

There is something special that happens when you walk into a store, or are out in your city at a market and find something that you love. Or something that would be an amazing gift for someone you know. Getting to talk to the shop owner, or maker makes it feel less like a transaction and more like a connection. 

This woman that I met shared so much of my values and her purchase alone supported 5 different women-owned businesses. I love getting to meet and chat with you and learn that we all share the values of shopping small and shopping with purchase. 

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