WELCOME TO THE ELLERY EDIT- Our New Weekly Collection of What We Are Loving Ellery

WELCOME TO THE ELLERY EDIT- Our New Weekly Collection of What We Are Loving

Welcome The Ellery Edit- I've been sitting on this idea for the last couple of months but wasn't sure what I wanted it to look like.
The Ellery Edit, a collection of things we love
I love how we are all our own curators. Our outfits, our homes, our music our taste is all individual to us. I love how we can all see and wear a pair of earrings and we will all wear it differently making it ours.
a collection of jewelry and perfume
I might curate for the shop but my favorite thing is seeing what pieces you are drawn to and how you pick them. I love seeing what your orders are and I love seeing how certain pieces in the shop all sell at once like we are all on a collective wavelength.
So on Sundays I will be sharing the Ellery Edit. What you have been loving and curating, and what I am loving ❤
This week for our first Ellery Edit here are the pieces in the shop that we are loving! 
Your Ellery Edit: What you are loving- 
Fauna Wire Earrings:  These earrings have been flying off the shelves this week and it's easy to see why. The wire leaves are the perfect way to add a little nature to your look. 
Girl wearing the fauna earring
Desert Fleur Perfume: This warm scented patchouli and vanilla perfume was a huge hit yesterday at the City Flea in Cincinnati.
getting ready in bathroom with perfume
Happy Holidays Taylor's Version-  Our current selection of Holiday cards are on-sale and you all have been loving the Happy Holidays -Taylor's Version
Holiday Card- Happy Holidays- Taylors Version
My Ellery Edit: Here are my picks this week! 
Clarity Face Oil: I just ran out of my other bottle of this and am grabbing this from the shop because it is my favorite face oil I have ever used. I love how rich it is and how it moisturizes my skin instead of leaving a film or being too oily and not getting absorbed. 
All natural calming face oil
Gwen Fold Over Crossbody: This bag just came into the shop on Friday and I am already in love. I love this darker beige as a neutral for fall because I love the contrast of it's lightness with some of the darker tones for fall. This cream bag paired with a rich burnt orange, dark green or a deep magenta is sure to pop. 
Gwen fold over crossbody purse
Ring and Bracelet Combo:   The Druzy Teardrop Ring and the Coin bracelet combo has barely left my hand since we got them in the shop in February. They are my go to staples for everyday wear. 
gold coin chain bracelet
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