We are More Than Consumers Ellery

We are More Than Consumers

Which word feels more like you?
Consumer? or  Community?
One of the things I couldn't stand working in corporate retail was the way we would talk to people with only numbers in mind.
We would have to wear headsets, to tell each other about the people in the store. Are they were looking for? Did they new about the sale? Did they want to open a credit card?
Pushing people to buy more items they don't need because if you buy 2 you get a 3rd free.
All employees would have sales goals in the $1000 range while making minimum wage as a salesperson.
It completely wore me down knowing how the clothes were made and seeing how much this store needed to make an hour to beat a store in a different.
I couldn't push people to buy clothes that were made in incredibly unethical ways. I couldn't push them to buy excess, knowing they would just end up in a landfill. I couldn't ask them to open credit cards they don't need knowing it can impact their credit score.
We treated people as Consumers. People here to buy things.
With Ellery I want it to be a Community. Where the items feel different. You can invest in quality knowing that people were paid q fair wage, and have safe working conditions. Where you can come and buy what you believe in. We share a vision, and interests.
Shopping small allows you to be more than a consumer, it allows you to create a community.
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