Tip #1 on Building an Ethcial Closet- Start Small Ellery

Tip #1 on Building an Ethcial Closet- Start Small

Tip #1: Shopping for new accessories.

Building an ethical and sustainable wardrobe is a goal many of us have. It can be daunting to start to think about, there are so many questions to consider.  Where do you shop? What about the prices? How will the pieces fit? 

One of the easiest ways to start building an ethical closet is by shopping for ethical accessories.  


So many options and new outfits can come from new accessories. And it's s a great way to sustainably shop! One new pair of Fair Trade earrings can change the look of all your basics, a new bandana can change your hair, be added to your outfit as a scarf, or added to your everyday bag to give it a new fresh look! 

When you can wear your clothes longer and buy less clothing and mix in women made, and fair trade accessories you can feel like you've updated your wardrobe, by adding in versatile pieces. This way allows you to get a little more wear from your current clothes and allows you to still have fun new looks! 

One of my tips for adding in new jewelry is to keep it neutral. By purchasing new jewelry in neutral colors allows you to wear them with almost anything you already own! 

It can be overwhelming to think you need to overhaul your entire wardrobe into ethically made pieces, but it always easier to start small (literally).


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