This winter has us feeling wanderlust: Where I'm planning to go, and what I'm planning to wear Ellery

This winter has us feeling wanderlust: Where I'm planning to go, and what I'm planning to wear

Do you remeber when we were seeing new places, meeting new people, and wearing cute outfits?

If this is seeming like a distant memory to you, you are not alone. I am right there with you. I am an introvert and a total homebody and even I have reached a pandemic wall and am longing to see people and places.

Sitting in my apartment watching the snow fall, I am left wishing for warmer days and when we can travel safely. I have been looking at pictures of past adventures and am starting to think about all the places I want to go when it is safe to do so. 

Do I want to go to the desert and watch the sunrise? Do I want to go on city adventure and people watch in the busy streets? 

There are so many options and I'm looking forward to getting back out into the world. The past trips are the inspiration for this travel vision board. Thinking of where I'll be going and what I'll be wearing. 


The best thing is that these accesories are bringing me joy right now in the pandemic. These beauties make even my better sweater feel fancy. These pieces are what I'll be wearing now and on my adventures to come. 


Where are you going first when we can safely travel? 


Pictures of mountains and a leather back pack, and a screen printed bandana
Hiking in the Mountains: Fresh air, sunshine, grabbing a beer and pizza on a pation afterward. Is there anything better? Hiking and grabbing a beer is a hard combination to beat,especially when your 4 legged friend can tag-along. A bright bandana is perfect for the changing temps as the elevation changes. Perfect for wicking sweat, keeping you a little warm, and using as a headband to re-fresh your "hiking hair".  A leather backpack that can carry the essentials on the trail, and then be stylish to take to the brewery is the absolute dream. This handcrafted beauty is up for any adventure. 
Picture of Chicago along the lake, black leather tote bag, chic earrings
Chicago in the summertime is one of my all time favorite things. The city comes alive, tourists, free concerts in millenium park, baseball games at wrigley. A big pair of earrings is the perfect way to make a fun fashion statment as you get around the city. A leather tote bag is perfect for throwing in the jacket to have with you as the sun sets while you enjoy a drink on a rooftop. 
Picture of Arches National Park, Gold Tassle hoop earrings, Screen Printed bandana
A trip to the desert: Calming and magical the desert is a special palce. This gorgeous bandana is perfect for keeping the sun off your neck as you explore the vast landscapes all around you. These gorgeous earrings are perfect for putting on too make you feel a little fancy as you sit aroud the campfire with all your friends. The gold will sparkle, in the fire light. 
Picture of pebbles on a beach, a beagle and a straw hat, light brown leather tote bag
To the beach: The beach is great place to relax. The calming sound of the water, the warm sun. Grad this beautiful handmade hat to protect your face from the sun. and grab this leather handmage to throw in a water bottle, a beach read and a bottle of sunscreen. 
Picture of sunset with sail boats, pink and black long wavy earrings, black leather crossbody bag with pink purse charm
The Sunset on the Ocean: One of the most beautiful scenes. Grab a lightweight and carefree pair of earrings, that are fun and flirty. Throw on a breezy dress and add an effortless crossbody bag that keeps you hands free. Grab dinner with your bestie on the ocean and take in the magic. 
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