Summer Edition- Goldenrod Gift Box Ellery

Summer Edition- Goldenrod Gift Box

Summer Edition of the Goldenrod Gift Box 


The summer edition of the Goldenrod gift box is here!

 Summer is forever my favorite season. The days filled with sunshine, the way the warm sun feels on your skin and hair, the long nights outside talking to friends and watching lightning bugs glow in the sky.

There is nothing better than a summer evening drive with the windows down listening to your favorite songs. And of course the amazing bright pops of yellow when the goldenrod blooms at the end of August. 

If you live in Columbus, you must visit the prairie at Whetstone Park in the evening. The golden hour shining on a field of goldenrod is truly beautiful. I think that the midwest doesn’t get enough credit for its beauty. We all want beaches and mountains but there is something so incredibly beautiful about a big field of wildflowers and a stretch of blue sky. 

 Summer to me is all about the little moments of joy. The warm sun, a cool breeze, a lazy day at the pool, walking among flowers with your dog, a mini road trip blasting your favorite singalong songs. 

 This box is filled with little things that bring me joy and I hope they bring you a little joy as well- 

Votive and Candles- This votive looks like a summer night to me. A little shimmer from the sun, the warm pink of the sunrise and sunset. I found these cuties all grouped together at the thrift store and I had to add them to the box. A little shiny candlelight on a summer night is perfect to read too and adds just the right amount of light to light night talks and gatherings with friends. Light this in the winter when you are missing that summer light. Comes with two tea light candles. 


Sticker Sheet - These summer stickers are ready to decorate your emotional support water bottle for all your summer adventures. They are great on your laptop and wherever you want a little reminder of summer. 


Hair Clip-  I don’t know about you, but trying to figure out a cute way to wear my hair in the summer is hard. If you want to wear it down it can get too hot and if you wear it up all the it can feel like you want to dress it up a little. So enter the Palma hair clip. Copy Lauren Conrad and pull your hair to the side and clip your hair out of your face! 


Rose and Mint Skin Tonic- Spending time in the sun is amazing but it can be a little tough on your skin. After long summer walks with Dagwood and being outside at shows all weekend I had been looking for something that was light, refreshing and soothing for my skin. Enter the Rose and Mint skin tonic. A quick spritz on your face and let it air dry and let the aloe soothe your skin. Or spray it on and wipe off with a cotton ball and clean your face with a soothing tonic. The rose is calming and soft and the mint is refreshing and feels cool after a day in the sun.

Thrifted Ice Cream Bowl- There is no better pair in the summer than a hot day and ice cream. After a long day I love sitting down with a special bowl filled with mint chocolate chips or a crazy rich Ben & Jerrys combo. Topped with sprinkles there is nothing better than the perfect ice cream bowl. These assorted thrifted bowls are the perfect size for your scoops! 


I hope you all enjoy these little things for the summer. As you light your candle, use your hair to clip to keep your hair out of your freshly washed face from being recently sprizted from the face tonic, you can grab your water bottle rocking some summer stickers, and sit down with a bowl of ice cream and soak up that summer evening sun. 


All the best, 


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