Spring Outfit Inspiration- Earrings and Bandana Pairings Ellery

Spring Outfit Inspiration- Earrings and Bandana Pairings

Has anyone else whipped out the spring dresses and hoping that sandal season will be here soon? 

In March the weather can be all over the place, warm and sunny one day or rainy and cold the next but these accessories work with whatever clothes in your closet that the weather calls for today.

I am OBSESSED with our new arrivals and am loving some of the earring and bandana combinations. 

The bandanas from Hemlock Goods are such beautiful prints and are able to be worn in so many ways. As a headband, headband with a bow on top, a necktie, a scarf, a dog bandana, a bib for your baby, or as a wall tapestry. Literally SO MANY OPTIONS. 

And you know what's also super cute the earrings paired WITH the bandana. 

I love wearing bandanas with dresses and shirts and they are great for adding a little warmth on the spring days that are a little chilly and they offer a little protection from the sun on the warmer days.  





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