Sometimes the Process is the Best Part Ellery

Sometimes the Process is the Best Part

Early mornings, manual labor, unpredictable sales, and unpredictable weather are just a few of the things one has to consider when the market season is in full swing. Doing pop-ups is harder than I think people give it credit for. 

Sunrise coming up in car mirror

While it’s hard, it’s also one of my favorite things. I love getting to see different neighborhoods and places and seeing new faces all around the city. 

Since I don’t have a physical location for the shop I love getting to set up my booth to show off and display all the amazing things we have in the shop. 

I love seeing what catches people's eye as they walk by and I love helping you pick out which bag would work best for you or gush over some of our skincare products and see if you are team Meadow or Desert Fleur. 

I am totally in love with the process. Each show morning starts with loading up the car in the dark with all of the inventory and patting myself on the back for loading up the car so efficiently (it does not always go like this after a market lol, it’s a bit more of a mess). 

Next is heading to Starbucks to get a cold brew and a bacon gouda sandwich and then it’s hitting the road. 

To wake me up, every time I drive to Cincinnati I blast my playlist of all my favorite Taylor Swift songs and sing along the whole drive down. 

Driving in the summer and watching the sunrise come up over 71 is truly beautiful and is my favorite way to start a long day. 

Sometimes things don’t always go how I hoped but I always love the start of these days and getting back home to Dagwood and ordering a large pizza from one of my favorite places to celebrate a day of hard work. 



Sometimes the process is just as good as the results.

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