Purse and Clutch- Hand Embossed Circle Crossbody Ellery

Purse and Clutch- Hand Embossed Circle Crossbody

Embossed Circle Crossbody- Purse and Clutch

Want to hear a little bit about a super cool company? 

Purse and Clutch is a women-owned company located in Austin, Texas that works with Artisan groups in Guatemala, Mexico, and Ethiopia. They are a socially conscious brand working to eliminate the cycle of poverty.

The Circle Embossed crossbody bag in made in Chiapas, Mexico. Chiapas is in southern Mexico and is near Guatemala. It’s a mountainous region with a dense rainforest. Chiapas is a gorgeous region filled with amazing nature and Mayan ruins, there is a lot of beauty to soak up. 

Not only is this company making an impact in the communities that they work in, but they are making incredible leather handbags. 

These bags are show stoppers. Not only gorgeous and timeless in design, but these bags are also high quality in their craftsmanship. 

The process for even preparing the leather to make these bags takes one week before the cutting and sewing of the leather can even take place. 

Each design that you see on the bags is hand embossed. Each design is stamped into the leather. To do this, a metal rod with a design on the bottom is placed on the leather and then hit with a hammer to get the stamped design embossed into the leather. Seeing the design up close, you can see all the individual elements of the design and how they all come together. The process of making this handbag is truly a work of art.

The skill, the patience, and the beauty of this bag make it a statement piece and an amazing addition to your wardrobe. You can't miss out on this piece.

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