Why I Stopped Comparing Myself on Instagram Ellery

Why I Stopped Comparing Myself on Instagram

“What we need are women who are full of themselves. A woman who is full of herself knows and trusts herself enough to say and do what must be done. She lets the rest burn.”

Glennon Doyle 

Recently I have found myself spending time on Instagram and noticing a pang of anxiety and realizing that I’m comparing myself or Ellery to what I am seeing as I scroll. 

People sharing their sales, different styles of jewelry that are trendy and in style right now. And my first thought is are my sales good enough? Is Ellery cool enough? Should I be more “in style”? 

Do you ever catch this happening to you?

Honestly, I always thought I was immune to this. I thought that I was smarter than the app. I’ve used Instagram for years and not felt this way.

But this year I noticed it happening. I found myself feeling unsure, and like maybe I should get on board with some of these trends. It’s a terrible business decision whose business takes place on Instagram to tell you to take a break. 

People were not bragging. The people I am following are wearing and doing what they love. It’s their success and it should be celebrated. It’s their style and that’s what makes them who they are. This lesson feels so cheesy as I sit here and type it out. 

We are all individuals and that’s what makes us special. 

I mean how many times have I heard this? I always understood and appreciated this sentiment. I mean it seems obvious and I believe it, but it never really hit me until today.

One of my favorite things about buying for Ellery is when I see items and pieces that look like my friends. Like oh my gosh, this bag looks exactly like something so and so would wear. These earrings? They scream out so and so’s name. 

We always have items that “look” like “US”. 

I love buying for Ellery because I love having a mix of items that don’t all have a uniform look, because Ellery is made up of all of you! And each and every one of you has your own look. You could buy the same earrings as someone else and because of your style, it’s a whole different look. 

I love jewelry and accessories because of how versatile they are, and how they are the perfect pieces that make your look, look like you.
Is your style easy going and a big menswear watch? Are you a big earring and scarf kinda gal? Are you a ring on all your fingers person? A big earrings AND a big bracelet person? A tote bag with a ton of pins in it? 

There are SO MANY styles and looks to have in the world. I love that Ellery can represent so many different styles.

Because ya know what…..
We are more than consumers who can just be sold stuff that isn’t necessarily our styles that we think we SHOULD wear.

We are a community of individuals with a unique look.

What is my signature style?

I’m a long necklace and a ring I never take off kind of gal.

What about you? 

Comment below with your signature jewelry style! 






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