Investing in a Quality Bag is a Big Decision- Here is what to look for! Ellery

Investing in a Quality Bag is a Big Decision- Here is what to look for!

The handbag.

An item you use every day, an investment, a great addition to your outfit, one of the most practical accessories you will wear.

Your handbag is a great item that you can purchase as a piece that will help you build a sustainable wardrobe. A quality leather bag will last you years and is a great investment piece.

1) Style of Bag

Crossbody, tote, classic handbag, backpack:

These styles of bag are classic and can be used for many occasions. I would just ask yourself what are looking to do? You know yourself best, you know how you like to use a bag. These are 4 styles that are always great to have and you don't have to buy them all at once.

2) Color

The color of the bag is something that is definitely up to you to choose that is the beauty of fashion! If you like more neutrals and wear a lot of patterns and prints and bold colors I would recommend a neutral bag. Tan or black are great and classic colors. They are always in style. I personally LOVE a tan leather bag, they are my weakness. I will always have one and I will always stop to look at them.

If you live for color or you have a neutral-filled closet and want your bag to stand out a little I recommend buying a leather bag in jewel tones. A deep emerald ar a strong maroon that goes so well with black, gray, and navy.

3) Stitching

Stitching can be kind of tricky to know what to look for, but basically what you are looking for is that the handles are supported and that where the handle connects with the bag. This is important to look for because this will help with the longevity of the bag. The more support you see here the more durable to the straps are at carrying the weight that you put inside the bag.

4) Material

Leather is a material that will be forever my favorite for a bag. It's incredibly durable and only gets better with age. That is my favorite part, it becomes even better as it ages and there are very few things in the world that have that quality.


Leather Tote Bag



These 4 tips are ones that I use to help me figure out what type of bag I want to carry! 

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