Introducing the One Hundred Style Challenge

Introducing the One Hundred Style Challenge

“ I don’t know what to wear” “Oh my god everything I like is out of style” “All the clothes in Middle School are coming back” What are you supposed to wear”. 

These are the things I hear daily, whether at work, online, or with friends. As a millennial woman, I also agree with all of these statements. 


I had an early love affair with fashion and in high school, I honed my sense of style. I felt confident and cool and loved trying new things. 

As I went to college my clothing budget became smaller and I found myself needing more practical things for walking across campus I feel like between school, relationships, and becoming an adult I lost a little bit of that confidence I once had lost my way with dressing in clothes that made me feel confident and like “me”. I lost the fun I once had in buying something new and trying fun things. 

As I started my business with Ellery and started incorporating more curated thrift into the mix I started falling back in love with fun new styles and figuring out what feels like me now as a Thirty-something woman. 

I feel more like I know myself and I like seeing what I want and embracing what I love, trying new styles that I thought would be a hard “no” and forcing myself out of my comfort zone. 

I’m not someone who walks on the fashion wild side like Carrie Bradshaw and I’m also not into chasing trends or needing to keep up with everyone. I’m just on a personal style journey to figure out what I like and love. 

When I was in high school, I used to rent this book from the Libray, The One Hundred: A Guide To The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own, by Nina Garcia. I used to flip through and think “One day I’m gonna be so cool and wear all this stuff”. Recently I found this book at the thrift store and had to have it as a relic of my early fashion days. But as I started flipping through it I came across things I do have and things that I am still feeling “One day maybe I can do that” and I thought maybe that one day needs to start now. 



So I am challenging myself for one hundred days to go through this book and see if this is something I already have in my closet if it’s something I do want to add, and if I feel like it stands the test of time and is something that makes me feel stylish! 

So if you are like me and are also always on a personal style journey then I welcome you to follow along on this style seeking one hundred days with me and we can learn what makes us feel stylish! 


Happy One Hundred Days, Emily 

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