How To Make Your Outfit A "LOOK" Ellery

How To Make Your Outfit A "LOOK"

Are you stuck in a clothing rut after a year of the Pandemic and these cold winter weather?

I am definitely feeling like I need a re-fresh and am looking to my closet and accessories to help me feel a little fancier than the leggings and sweaters I've been rocking for the last 6 months. 

One of the easiest ways to look more pulled together and showcase your style is to add jewely. 

One necklace and bracelet makes a t-shirt and jeans feel stylish and you can create a "look". This is great when you are in a hurry to look a little more pulled together for a zoom call or want to dress up a little to run to the grocery store or the park for a picnic with friends. 

Adding new handmade and slow fashion accessories is also a great way to keep your closet more sustainable and you don't have to swap out all your old clothes for new ones. A new fair trade necklace can re-work your clothes so that thay have a new look without breaking the bank on a whole new wardrobe and is a purchase that you can make while supporting women artisans and small businesses. 

delicate rose gold neckalce


My Grandmother loves wearing her jewelry. She is never without out. No matter what she is doing that day she puts on pants and a turtleneck and adds her jewelry to make her outfit complete even if she never leaves the house. 

When she goes to the grocery store she is always receiving complements on her outfits and her style. She is 89 and puts full effort into her look each day. 


Blue and White delicate necklace

Recently she had hand surgey on both hands and while her hands were recovering she wasn't able to get her necklaces on. She said she didn't feel complete without it on. 

So if you are looking for a way to make the day a little special, feel a little more put together, or just mix it up from your joggers and sweatshirt, take some advice from my Grandmother and add a necklace. 


See if it makes your day feel a little special. 


fair trade jewelery, slow fashion accessories



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