Goals and Intentions for a More Sustainable 2020 Ellery

Goals and Intentions for a More Sustainable 2020

2020 has had a rough start. With the fires in Australia, Trump pulling back EPA restrictions for streams and wetlands protection. I think it is more crucial than ever to really start taking personal responsibility for what I can do to create change. Here are some of my goals for the year: I’m sharing these here so that I can be held accountable to complete my goals.

  • Buy less, Travel more- Last year I took a road trip with my dog, Dagwood and we drive out to Colorado and Utah. It was completely breathtaking. I still can’t believe the incredible landscapes and the joy of seeing all new places. This year I want to focus on buying less, so that I can save that money and travel more. I want to be more intentional in my spending and my purchases. I want to buy clothes that will last longer and work in different seasons, and are still fashionable year after year. I also have a terrible habit of buying too many candles and little knick- knacks from Aldis, that I would like to limit. 
  • Pick up Trash when I see it- My other goal for this year is to collect as much trash as I can while walking Dagwood. Walking outside for an hour with Dagwood has brought me so much joy and is something that I now ‘have to do’ . Being outside provides such clarity, some time away from looking at screens, fresh air, and the movement often leads to helping me move through many thoughts and ideas. One of the things I have been starting to really tune into is the amount of trash that I have been finding on our walks. Along the river and bike path there has been a growing amount of cans, bottles, and pieces of paper. My goal for this year is to bring a bag on each walk and gather as much as I can before it gets into the river. 
  • Reduce my food waste: I’ll admit it….  I am terrible at going through the food I buy before it goes bad. I can buy more, I can buy less. I still find ways to not get to it. My goal is to buy and plan with more intention. I want to stop having to throw food away after it has gone bad. This year is going to be the year where I will clear out the fridge before I go shopping again.

What are some of your bad purchasing habits? And what would you like to focus on for 2020? 

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