The holidays can be hard left us make it easy for you with these special curated bundles of gifts from the shop! All the gifts are curated thrift or are from women-owned businesses! 

Here are our top 7 bundles....

1. Fearless Feminist, $26 


Fearless feminist vintage collage and coffee mug  

For the tireless advocate in your life! Give her the gifts of motivation. A mantra to keep going and a huge coffee mug to keep her going. 


2. Musky Fragrance Bundle, $32


Brooklyn Candle and Maxine Rollerball Perfume  

The perfect little gift bundle for the person who loves a woodsy and cozy vibes. 


3. Fresh Scents Candle and Soap Bundle, $28


Rose and Mint Soap and alpes candle

For the person in your life that loves a refreshing and uplifting scents. 


4. Rom Com Love Bundle, $20

For the person in your life who is a hopeless romantic, These 5X7 frames are great for a gallery wall and fun and unexpected. 


5. Cozy Home Goods, $36 

The perfect little bundle of gifts for someone who likes to host. Candlesticks, a candle and a vase are the perfect pieces for having people over. 


6. Pretty in Pink Bundle, $42 

The perfect gift bundle for someone who could use little moments of calm. An all natural face mask, a tea light candle and 2 cute mugs for tea. 


7. Mug and Tea Towel Bundle, $30

black and white floral mugs and bird printed tea towels

The perfect gift for a teacher, co-worker and friends. Cute mugs and gorgeous tea towels are gifts everyone would love getting. 

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