GATHER X ELLERY- Curated Homegoods for Effortless and Cherished Gatherings Ellery

GATHER X ELLERY- Curated Homegoods for Effortless and Cherished Gatherings

 Ellery is taking away the trouble of finding special, fun serving ware so that you can gather with your friends and family effortlessly. We are curating hosting bundles to add to your home to make gatherings feel special so you can have moments that you cherish with friends and families. You no longer have to spend time looking for plates and decorations or using your regular dishes from college to entertain your guests. We have the perfect pieces to add to your home.


friends gathered around a table of curated serving ware

Gather is a new extension of Ellery and as with our jewelry and accessories, we are focusing on the intention, the story, and pieces that you treasure.  What you wear, and what you surround yourself with ought to be pieces that you cherish. It’s in the details that make you feel special.

That is the feeling we want to capture and recreate with Gather by Ellery. 

Bringing you home goods that make getting together with friends and family a little extra special. After 2020 we will forever be grateful for gathering with our loved ones, and we want those moments to be ones that you cherish. 

2020 was such an eye-opening year and made me realize how much I valued the ritual of using nice and special dishes for events.


My Grandmother always used fine china and sterling silverware for all our holidays and special occasions. She loves making her home and events feel special by making sure that everything she uses is something that brings her joy. Whether that is decoupaging an old coffee can with old wallpaper and pictures of flowers, or using her favorite set of desert rose dishes, having things that she loves around the house means a lot to her. 

These small touches make events and moments feel extra special and those extra little touches make gatherings memorable and allow you to feel appreciated and appreciate the time spent with others. These curated pieces are special editions to your home. 


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