Fall is coming and my absolute favorite thing about this end of summer, early fall time is how soft the light is. The mornings and evenings are starting to take on a warmer glow, a little less bright than the summer and still lighter than winter. 


The sky is full of pinks and purples as the sun comes up and the sun casts a warm glow through the trees. 


For our Fall collection we are feeling so inspired from that feeling and are leaning into it by styling our pieces with dusty pinks and embracing the soft glow of the warm gold jewelry. 


Fall Collection Grand Teton Tan Rancher Hat Ellery

Grand Teton Rancher Hat- Fall is the perfect time to pull out your hat and add it to a midi dress. This tan wool hat is the perfect fall accessory. It adds a little something extra to any outfit and it keeps the sun off and keeps ya a little warm while out picking pumpkins and apples. 


Heather Earrings Ellery

Heather Earrings: These dusty salmon pink earrings remind or fall sunrises and sunsets. I love the color combination of the pink and gold and I think they are the perfect earrings to pair with all your beige fall neutrals. A big chunky beige sweater paired with jean shorts and these warm pink earrings are the perfect easy going comfy look for that in between warm weather. 


Fall Collection Rose Stamped Necklace Ellery

Rose Stamped Necklace:  A delicate floral gold necklace is about as romantic and feminine as jewelry can get. I love this necklace because while it has really great details they are dainty enough to not pull the focus of an outfit but rather compliment all the other pieces one has on. This necklace is the building block of all of my fall outfits. It it great on it's own and looks great when layered with other pieces. 


Simone Bracelet Ellery

Simone Bracelet - This bracelet just came into the shop and I'm already in love with it. This gold bracelet is the perfect fall accessory. I love the feminine detail of the open spaces in the links and I love that is it also big and makes an impact. 



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