Doing Business a Different Way Ellery

Doing Business a Different Way

So this might sound a little crazy to say as a retail business, but I'm gonna say it anyway...

 I will never push a sale on you.


Have you ever walked into a store and felt pressured that you needed to buy something? Or everything was on-sale, and you could get an additional percentage off if you signed up for an email?

It might be a bad business plan, but I don't want you to have this experience when shopping with me. I want you to buy quality over quantity. I want you to want your purchase. I want you to see the piece and it still be in your head a few days later. 


I have worked in several corporate retail settings, and have learned so many different ways to push sales. 


  • 1) Learn 5 things about the guest while they shop.
  • 2) Have the guest try the item on so they can see what it looks like on.
  • 3)  Ask them if they want to save a certain percentage by opening a credit card.


These transactions were exactly that, transactions. There was no real connection between the guest and me. There was no real connection with the item they were interested in. These methods played into shopper psychology. It was just a quick way to make a sale for a company. 


I had a hard time working like this. I felt like I was just talking to people to get them to buy things, and that what I was selling only made money for a company. I would leave work feeling drained. I was tired from talking all day to people who didn't want to hear the "spiel".  


I want you to feel that you need the piece that caught your eye. I want it to be a purchase that will become a story for you. I want it to be something that looked so much like your friend's style you had to get it for her. Or you found the perfect earrings to wear to that family wedding this fall. The perfect necklace that you can see yourself wearing every day this summer. 


I believe that we are not just here to consume. We are a community of people. We buy things that make us feel good. Not just because it is fun to shop, but because they bring us joy. learn that story of the artist, we want to support women-owned businesses. We are more than consumers, we are a community. 


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That is certainly what my best shopping experiences have been like! Thanks, Emily.

Sue Wolford

That is certainly what my best shopping experiences have been like! Thanks, Emily.

Sue Wolford

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