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Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

I have always loved fashion. I think it started while watching What Not to Wear and then it became my obsession when my aunt gave me a copy of Teen Vogue in 7th grade when I was cooped up recovering from foot surgery. I would scour the magazines looking at the different shapes of clothes and the infinite way of creating new looks. 

In high school I loved renting styling books from the library especially the Nina Garcia (I was also very into Project Runway) ones like, “the little black book of style, the one hundred (all the top 100 items everyone needs in their wardrobe). Unknowingly I was learning all of the keys to building the new trend of the “Capsule Wardrobe”. 

The fashion industry while it is beautiful and creative, it can also be environmentally detrimental and can be exploitative in it’s labor practices. This combined with a large part of our culture to feel that we cannot repeat an outfit if we have already worn it and especially photographed in it before creates a scary cycle of waste.

I love that today's clothing culture is dramatically changing and coming back to really cherishing what you buy. Purchasing quality over quantity is taking precedent. Slow fashion is slowly becoming the move to make. Even Jane Fonda re-wore an older gown this year at the Oscars!  The capsule wardrobe is a really great way to invest in pieces that will really serve you and what you do and the clothes that you really feel comfortable in. Having a few key pieces that are classic pieces that you can mix and match for several outfits is an incredibly sustainable way to create a wardrobe.

So how do you go about figuring out a capsule wardrobe? The first step is figuring out what it is that you really spend your time doing. Do you work in a business casual setting, do you wear more athletic wear? Do you have certain outfits that are most comfortable for you and how much time do you spend each day in each kind of outfit you wear? 


To create a capsule wardrobe you will want to find items that can easily mix and match with each other. A coat, jacket, sweater, a classic t-shirt, tank top, skirt, dress, jeans, legging, black pants are all great items to start with. From those basics you can start to add in a few more pieces.

Some of the best ways to enhance a capsule wardrobe are with a high quality bag and shoes and jewelry can help establish your signature style. High quality bags and shoes are timeless and can really help elevate any outfit and the better quality will shoes and bag are the more durable they are the longer they can withstand the day to day wear and tear. 

One really great way to create different looks with your wardrobe staples is by adding different jewelry to help mix things up. A statement necklace, bangles, small everyday jewelry, a statement rings and bright earrings are great sustainable ways to keep your clothing fresh. 

Who else is ready to create a capsule wardrobe in 2020? 

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