6 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Gathering Ellery

6 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Gathering

                6 Steps to Hosting a Gathering 
            Fall is here and the holidays are coming up!
We have entered the season of GATHERINGS! If you are wanting to plan a little gathering with friends and family here are a few tips for a great time! I loved listening to Priya Parker on Brene Browns podcast, she shared so many great tips and insights on Gathering that were really inspiring. Hosting a Gathering doesn't have to be overwhelming, just keep these 6 tips in mind! 
dinner party outside
1) Intention/ Party Name:
Coming up with a name or intention helps set an idea or focus for the event and makes it feel a little more special than just any other hangout you would normally have with your friends. 
Having a reason and intention for the gathering also helps direct the flow of the night and allows your guests to now what to expect. It doesn’t have to be rigid, it can be something simple like, “we are coming together to celebrate the ability to all be able to safely get together again”. This allows your guests to get in a celebratory mindset before they even get to the party! 
2) Guest List:
I think the trickiest part or planning any party is trying to find a date and time that works for the majority of your friends. We are all so  busy and often pulled in many directions so this part is always hard to accommodate everyone. So once you find a date that works for the majority, it's ok if not everyone can make it. It just means you'll have to host another gathering! 
3) Location:
Picking a location can dramatically affect the overall vibe and flow of the event. It determines attire, factors in weather, food, the seating, and if something is casual or formal. 
The most important part of the location is just making sure that it works for your guests. A dinner party in a small living room is definitely still fun as long as everyone has a comfortable amount of space and a seat. 
If you are planning to host a gathering outside it helps to have a rain location, or a solution to inclement weather and share that with your guests so that they can be prepared for that scenario as well. 
outdoor Dinner party
4) Music:
I grew up working in a record store and loved seeing how different music made people react. What songs get the shop in a great happy mood, what music suits a rainy Sunday afternoon. The music that you choose can have a huge impact on the environment! You want the music to play a part but you also want music that you can talk over ( if you are having a dinner party or a lot of conversation) and you want to find the right volume it’s noticeable but not too loud! 
If you are stuck finding music that you think everyone will love, I highly recommend 1960’s soul and R&B. A little Otis and Aretha are forever the greatest.  
Autumn Yellow Spotify Playlist
5) Food:
Along with choosing a date the food part of party planning is definitely my weakest link. When hosting you do want to make sure you accommodate different dietary needs have a few snacks for your guests that they can enjoy when they get there. Depending on your gathering and how much you want to take on, you can really do what you feel most comfortable with! 
outdoor dinner party
6) Dishes/decorations:
This is by far my favorite part. I love finding the cute serving ware and setting up the room or space for the event. Having fun vintage dishes always reminds me of my Grandmother and her love of decorating her space. Having special serving ware and dishes makes a gathering feel more special than just whipping out your regular dishes. 
And once you have your serving ware it makes it so easy to host again and again! 
Vintage serving ware
My favorite things to always have are some cute glasses and good plates and dishes for charcuterie like these!
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It caught my attention when you said how having special serving ware and dishes for your guests will make the gathering feel even more special than just sticking to regular dishes. One of my friends recently got discharged from the hospital, so we’re planning to throw her a small tea party in celebration. I hope I can find new vintage dishes to buy soon that we can use for our gathering. https://like2shop.com

Anna Collins

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