What I'm Reading- Atomic Habits


I was first introduced to this book on Brene Brown’s podcast Dare to Lead ( a GREAT source of new authors and leaders to find out about). 

I was really interested in his story and his way of building and forming new habits. I think that a lot of business books can be off-putting sometimes or can make me feel like I need to drastically change the way I’m doing things, but Clear’s approach was very intuitive. 

I am a goal setter, and love setting them but often when I reach a goal I’m not always sure how to replicate it and am not sure what exact steps I took to even reach it. In this book, Clear suggests instead focusing on the systems that you have in place and working on improving those. 

For instance, I want to increase online sales, specifically for Ellery but I spent the majority of the year focusing on how to make my pop-ups look nice and engaging instead of the website… it seems obvious now that I’m reflecting, but clearly if I want to reach my goal of greater online sales, I need to put systems in place that would lead to more engagement online. 

As he states in his book, “ You do not rise to the rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems”. 

I highly recommend this book if you are used to setting goals and not always reaching them or aren’t sure how you got there like me. 

You can rent this book from the Columbus Public Library and listen to it for free on the Libby App! 

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