Welcome to the Ellery Edit!

Hello there! 


My name is Emily and I am shop owner of Ellery, an online curated boutique of all women owned companies. 



My favorite thing in the world is to share what I love with others. That's what inspired me to open my shop. I wanted to share amazing pieces from companies I love, that are women owned with others in my life. 



I also LOVE sharing and recommending books, tv shows, podcasts and so many other things with friends and family. I'm always asking others if they have watched something, or I'm sharing a podcast episode that blew me away. 


So I decided to create this space, The Ellery Edit, to include more media type things to share and recommend to each other. 


A space to connect over things we have watched, heard, read and want to share! 


living room with gallery wall and bookshelf

Drop a comment below with some of your favorite things that you watched or read in 2021! 

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