The Ellery Edit

  • What I'm Watching- THE ALPINIST

    The story of Marc Andre is incredible. I almost don’t even have words to describe his story. 

    I know absolutely nothing about climbing, I know absolutely nothing about free soloing, I know nothing about this world, but I couldn’t look away from this incredible sport. 

  • What I'm Reading- Atomic Habits

    I was first introduced to this book on Brene Brown’s podcast Dare to Lead ( a GREAT source of new authors and leaders to find out about). 

    I was really interested in his story and his way of building and forming new habits. I think that a lot of business books can be off-putting sometimes or can make me feel like I need to drastically change the way I’m doing things, but Clear’s approach was very intuitive. 

  • Welcome to the Ellery Edit!

    I LOVE sharing and recommending books, tv shows, podcasts and so many other things with friends and family. I'm always asking others if they have watched something, or I'm sharing a podcast episode that blew me away. 

     So I decided to create this space, The Ellery Edit, to include more media type things to share and recommend to each other.